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PROGRAM CODE: A6 ECOL BA                     CATALOG YEAR: 19984 
      Bachelor of Arts - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology        
                       College of Science                        
                The University of Arizona                        
University Graduation Requirements                               
All course work and requirements for this degree must be         
completed prior to the date the degree is awarded.               
     - The University of Arizona and the Arizona Board of        
       Regents have sole discretion over all curricula changes.  
     - Courses, programs & requirements may be suspended,        
       deleted, restricted, or changed in any manner, at any     
     - Students must remain currently informed about all policies
       & other info that bears on completing a degree.           
Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements                   
     - Major course work: 2.000 GPA in each discipline.          
     - University of Arizona course work: 2.000 GPA.             
Units: See the 'Earned' total under 'Units required for this     
       degree' for a total minus any duplicate credit or excess  
       community college credit, and adjusted in accordance with 
       academic policies in your Catalog.                        
Application for Degree Candidacy                                 
     - Students must apply for degree candidacy in order to      
       graduate and receive a degree and diploma.                
     - Contact your college/major advisor to determine the       
       appropriate time to apply for degree candidacy.           
     - Detailed degree candidacy & graduation info available at  
       Units required for this degree                            
       A minimum of 120 units is required for this degree.       
       Additional units will be required to complete this degree 
       if a student:                                             
         A) is admitted to the UA with deficiencies;             
         B) changes his/her academic program;                    
         C) fails to meet minimum course/program requirements; or
         D) ineffectively plans or fails to execute a course of  
            study that leads directly to degree completion.      
         E) is completing more than one baccalaureate degree.    
-->  NEEDS:120.00 UNITS                                          
     1) A maximum of 64 units of community college course work   
        may apply toward graduation.                             
     2) A maximum of 60 units of correspondence credit and/or    
        credit by exam may apply toward graduation.              
     3) A maximum of 15 units completed as a non-degree seeking  
        student may be used for fulfilling undergraduate degree  
     4) A minimum of 30 units of UA University Credit            
        (excluding correspondence credit and credit by exam)     
        is required.                                             
          NEEDS: 30.00 UNITS                                     
     5) A minimum of 18 of the final 30 units taken toward       
        degree requirements must be UA University Credit.        
       UA Earned Hours & Cumulative GPA                          
       A 2.000 cumulative GPA is required to graduate from the   
       University of Arizona (excluding correspondence and       
       credit by exam).                                          
       Upper Division Units Requirement                          
       A minimum of 30 units of upper-division credit are        
       required for this degree.                                 
  -  1)   NEEDS: 30.00 UNITS                                     
       University Composition Requirements                       
  -  1)   NEEDS:                1 COURSE                         
        SELECT FROM: ENGL 101 ,103H,107                          
  -  2)   NEEDS:                1 COURSE                         
        SELECT FROM: ENGL 102 ,104H,108                          
   OR  AP Exam or Portfolio or ENGL 109H                         
  -  1) SELECT FROM: ENGL 109H                                   
       Mid-Career Writing Assessment                             
  -  1) The Mid-Career Writing Assessment is satisfied by        
        earning a grade of B or better in second semester        
        English Composition (ENGL 102, 104H, 108, or 109H).      
        Students who do not earn a grade of B or better in ENGL  
        102, 104H, 108, or 109H must also satisfy a college or   
        department writing requirement.                          
        SELECT FROM: ENGL 102 ,104H,108 ,109H                    
       Second Language - 4th Semester Proficiency                
       Demonstrate fourth semester proficiency in a second       
       language by completing one of the following:              
  -  1) Pass a language proficiency examination at the fourth    
        semester level.                                          
  -  2)   NEEDS:                1 COURSE                         
        -> NOT FROM: ARH 406A(SP02-FA03)  ENGL 448 (SP94-FA04)   
           FREN 325 ,393 ,399  TO 399H,414 ,448 ,453 ,           
           FREN 455 (FA95-S201)  HIST 406A(SP02-FA03),465C,      
           HIST 465D  ITAL 330A TO 330D,399  TO 399H,414 ,455    
           M AR 397W(SP01 OR AFTER)  PORT 406A(SP02-FA03),       
           PORT 455 (FA95-S201)  RELI 453 (FA90-S201)            
           SPAN 397W,406A,414 ,423A TO 423B,455 (FA95-S201),     
           SPAN 465C,465D  TTE 414   UNVR 397W(SP01 OR AFTER)    
        SELECT FROM: ARB 402  TO 404   CHN 202 ,403 ,404 ,415    
           TO 418 ,422 ,423 ,450   CRL 202 ,301 ,302             
           FREN 202 ,212 ,213 ,305A TO 443   GER 202 ,203 ,      
           GER 211 ,302A,302B,307A,307B,315A,315B,455 ,475       
           GRK 202 ,204 ,402 ,412 ,421  TO 432   ITAL 202  TO    
           ITAL 202Z,305A TO 496   JPN 202 ,403 ,405 ,415  TO    
           JPN 417 ,421 ,422   JUS 203B,303   LAT 202 ,212 ,     
           LAT 400  TO 428   LING 204B  NES 202 ,203B  PRS 402   
           TO 404   PORT 206 ,305 ,325 ,425  TO 449   RSSS 201B, 
           RSSS 301A,301B  RUSS 205   RSSS 305A  RUSS 305B       
           RSSS 307A,307B,405A,405B,407A,407B  SERP 431B